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     Certified Community Towns

Certified Community Towns Overview

The Builder Buddies Certified Community Towns (CCT) program is run by players for players. It seeks to unite and promote the best towns in the game: those that are safe, stable, and livable. Players entering or joining a Certified town will have confidence that the town meets high standards and know that bullying, cussing, spamming and inappropriate talk will not be tolerated. Only towns whose mayors WANT to be certified, and who share the mission of making Builder Buddies a safer, friendlier game, will be certified. CCT mayors also become part of a "family" where we help each other achieve the same goals.

Official Certified Community Town List

Town NameSpawn XSpawn ZMayor Game NameContact InstaApprox.
# Residents
Plot PriceThemeOld Name(s)
Natsukashii City
-664-3112Erica Feona@anc_mayora20250Nature & Simplicity
Australia-16252265Kylie Islazy@ki_bb19200Beach
Axels Town1375-1868Makenzye Bruh@gamer_makenzye9150 
Builderville-23442858Porter Noodles@porter.granger1541150
California-727-1078Jacob Sausage@jacob_sausage_bb46100 Disney Land
Diamond Falls9701130Torrapicus Termite@torrapicus4526411-in-oneMystic Falls
Disneyland3912-1752Itz Paige@itz_paigebb62500Disneyland Woodland
Edinburgh2407-567Faustina Florina@theresa.macduff68350  
Katlyn Bay3225570Katlyn Wolfie@katlyn_wolfie12100  
Link World17041033Link Boy@linkboy_250012100Legend of Zelda 
Medieval Kingdom1911-2978Levi Aotscout@levi_aotscout30200MedievalSailor Moon
Muppet City1993490The Muppet@the_muppet_22100Modern/Realistic
Riverside234525Itz Kara@_itz_kara_20300Medieval
Spikey Town-4383209Destined Spike@_ph0en1x_wxllman_4??
Sunset City-2758-3942Hermoine Rose@sunset_city_cct_official17100Be a Family
Sunshine Coast3992-3832Ezrc Spade@senoritaspade19250Nature 
The Last City30953177Hex Thebuilder@drhexatron27200Rustic Steampunk Fantasy realm/ Fallout?
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Note: ONLY the towns in the official list above are certified. The following towns have "Cct" in their name but are NOT currently certified: Magical Moon, Pilipinas, Aesthetic Dreams, Wolfie Village

The CCT Board

The CCT Program is run by a Board of five players. The board's purpose is to accept new towns for certification, verify that requirements are being met, and promote the Certified Community Towns in various ways in the game, in Instagram, on YouTube, and on the web. The most important of these is publishing an up-to-date list of towns in the program. By this list players will know what the certified towns are that they can check out and hang out in. Those players that choose to join a certified town will also have a way to contact their mayor even if he/she is not online.

Certified Community Towns: Board Members

Mission, Requirements, and Perks

Certified Community Towns: Mission Statement

Certified Community Towns: Requirements #1

Certified Community Towns: Requirements #2

Certified Community Towns: Requirements #3

Certified Community Towns: Requirements #4

Certified Community Towns: Requirements #5

Certified Community Towns: Requirements #6

Certified Community Towns: Perks

To apply to become a certified town, contact @builderbuddiescct on Instagram.

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