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Builder Buddies may not be the hottest game in the iOS App Store, but, as you can tell by the user-supplied ratings, it has a very devoted following! Being a "sandbox" game like Minecraft, people are constantly finding new ways to play the game and are showing off new creations, and increasingly are using the web (outside of the game) to publish and communicate. Check out the sites and links below, and join the fun!

Deep Ocean Quicksand

YouTube is one of the most easy and exciting ways for teens (and others) to publish, so it's no wonder that it has become the most popular place for Builder Buddies players to communicate. Look for role play adventures, music videos, news, and game play techniques. Some of the top channels are below. However feel free to simply search for "Builder Buddes" in YouTube to find all kinds of popular videos!

*Not all info may be accurate on this channel, however it is super popular

Floating Pillar
Web Sites

You can use SimpleSite or Weebly to quickly create a free website for your town. And, of course, in addition to these town websites, you're currently in the Builder Buddies section of the Geek Pocket Minecraft Website which is hopefully giving you a treasure chest of information supporting the game!


For some reason, the game creator Xavier Robledo has favored Instagram as the primary way of publishing official news updates for the game. He does have a website and online help also, but both of those are not kept up to date. Note that with Instagram, it is pretty easy to take a screenshot then publish it to your Instagram feed.

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