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Diamond Falls Info Site!!

Diamond Falls is one of the last remaining large towns of Builder Buddies (all the new towns tend to be much smaller), with over 700 plots. I, Torrapicus Termite, the mayor, am making it a showcase of creativity, encouraging new building ideas for those interested in the building aspect of the game. If you are a visiting role player, feel free to explore the town, make new friends, and find games or interesting places to role play. If we are not in Top Towns at the time of your visit, just type "AMO" into Town Search, then click on "Diamond Falls".

Among the dozens of attractions at Diamond Falls are a 3D water-filled glass Pac-Man, four My Little Pony statues in a Ponyville section, giant Nemo statue, giant dino statue, giant giraffe statue, FNAF spook house, subways, underwater sea view, horse tunnels for x-ray vision, etc!

Builder Buddies 'Diamond Falls' Town Screenshot Number 1 (Sign) Builder Buddies 'Diamond Falls' Town Screenshot Number 2 (Grill) Builder Buddies 'Diamond Falls' Town Screenshot Number 3 (Dinosaur statue)

Builder Buddies 'Diamond Falls' Town Screenshots in App Store   Diamond Falls featured in App Store now! (Oct. 2018)

Town Map

This map dates back to January 2018 and is a little outdated by now. I hope to be able to update it soon.

Builder Buddies 'Diamond Falls' Town Official Map

Town News

As of late October 2018, town news is posted on INSTAGRAM instead of here:

Latest Video Tour

Recorded November 2018:

For more Diamond Falls videos, find them on these two YouTube channels:

There are other Diamond Falls fans out there, too, on other channels! Just search for "Builder Buddies Diamond Falls" to find them.

Town History

Get the full town history from the OLD DIAMOND FALLS INFORMATION PAGE.

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