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OLD Diamond Falls Info Site!!

Prior to October 2018, the vision of Diamond Falls was to provide resident homes to the best players (attracting those committed to the game for the long term), with statues and features throughout all the communities, encouraging creativity and friendship. This goal lasted until role play started to dominate the game, making players more interested in purchasing content (pets, clothes, etc.) rather than finding a home and making content. There's almost two years of history in how Diamond Falls started and got big, and on this page you can read back through all the interesting developments!

Original Introdution

Welcome to Diamond Falls! Whether you came for just a visit, or to find a plot to purchase to call your home, we are glad you came.

Diamond Falls and the adjacent Youtube City are the de facto capital cities of the Mystic Lake region. Youtube City is fairly small but is almost always in the Top Towns list. Diamond Falls (just to the north and east) is much larger, has plots for sale, and has a unique, hometown-like street layout. Based on Top Towns statistics, we are one of the top 10 hangout towns, and we can be found in the Top Towns list most of the time. Our town spawn coordinates are about 970X 1130Z.

Diamond Falls Attractions:

Builder Buddies 'Diamond Falls' Town Screenshot Number 1 (Sign) Builder Buddies 'Diamond Falls' Town Screenshot Number 2 (Grill) Builder Buddies 'Diamond Falls' Town Screenshot Number 3 (Dinosaur statue)

Builder Buddies 'Diamond Falls' Town Screenshots in App Store   Diamond Falls featured in App Store now! (Oct. 2018)

Plot prices are currently 264 gold (prices vary based on demand). Don't have enough gold yet? Log in to the game every hour (even if only for a few seconds) and click the "Free Gold" button. You can save up about 360 in just two days. In the meantime, learn the game and make some friends.

Builder Buddies 'Diamond Falls' Town Official Map

Town News For Residents

MAY 2018 UPDATE: Sorry I've been so busy and haven't updated this page in so long! The news summary is: January/February: After the "purple wool" update and the Top Towns briefly being only Top 20 instead of Top 40, Diamond Falls had a surge of popularity. The town was expanded to 700 plots, with most of those being added to the Jungle Bourough. We hit a high of 139 residents. Ladybug statue (by dino) is completed.

March/April: Sapphire Omg returns to Builder Buddies as Cutepanda Builder and asks to be an island governor much like Cutewolf Builder was last year. So I let her take over island #2. She has put up some "underwater" decorations (coral, fish) and is helping people to find plots. She did a lot in March but in April she has gotten very busy with school and is not on as much.

Water filled glass Pac-Man is finished. The old hotel is torn town and a new one created across from the water park (based on a design I liked from Texas City). In place of the old hotel and two houses I have built a Target store and a large, multi-level shopping mall! Also vice mayor Cimber converted his house by Target into a Walmart. Click here for a video explaining the shopping mall.

May: Diamond Falls population continues to fall; right now we are hovering around 80 members. But, note that ALL mega towns except Beach Port have also lost a lot of people. The reason is because "Town Search" (introduced early March) has dramatically changed the game. It is now super easy to have your own town, and get back to it with search, and it's also easy to have a town for yourself. So many people want a town for themselves and not live in a large town anymore. Diamond Falls is NOT dying... it is still popular in Top Towns, it is just that fewer people actually LIVE in Diamond Falls (people will "commute" in). But there still will be some that love Diamond Falls and be happy to live here, and that is fine. Plots currently $264 (same as 4 wool).

Anyway, in light of the population shift, I'm trying to find ways to re-invent Diamond Falls (yet again). I'm trying to add more role play things, such as the shopping mall. I'm thinking about relocating the school that most people can't find.

Also I was working on converting Island 3 to "Old Paris City." This was because the mayor of Paris City gave up after the Dec. 2017 wool crisis and didn't bother repairing her town. Surprisingly, that has suddenly changed. In early May she did a huge wool giveaway, and that brought so much attention to the town that popularity is up. Also she fixed her sign! So in light of that I don't need to re-create Paris at Diamond Falls anymore. I'm in the process of converting it - again - to another popular European city with 5 letters. I chose Siena (Italy). Look for some more interesting changes on Island 3 soon. For now, I'm keeping the (newly completed) Ariana mural as the Paris version is still trashed!

Since Gamer World is now deleted, I have re-created its Pikachu statue at the entrance to the Japan City Borough. Also former mayor Ash Kachrum is working on making a PokeBall near the Hello Kitty house.

Itz Pricila is very proud of her TICP: The Tails Ice Cream Parlor, located in the Tails the Fox building just across the suspension bridge to Island 5. She has gotten quite a few customers. Check it out sometime!

DF Spinoff Apocalypse 5/29/2018: Four towns founded by former DF residents were deleted in one day: Luna Falls, Love Falls, Queen Town, and Bestfriends Town. Luna timed out I think. The others the mayor either got tired, or, I'm told, they had to turn their iPads back in to their school.



New YouTube Video of Diamond Falls April 2017 (just posted, finally, 4/15/2018): Click here!

3/3/2018: Water Filled Glass Pac-Man done! Click here to watch video of the filling!

News from 1/24/2018:

Congratulations to Peyton and Zack on their Builder Buddies marriage on 1/23 (and engagement in real life)! The ceremony was at the Dino pavillion, and the reception ("after party") was at a Peyton-created tent in the southeast Jungle area.

Despite Top 20 changing back to Top 40 (which favors small towns), Diamond Falls continues to grow! I think during the brief Top 20 time we picked up a bunch of new "regulars" (Zeynep, Sena, Rose, Yumi, Bella, Denis, Peyton, and more), and they have been doing a good job promoting the town and helping other new residents. On 1/21 in the afternoon we hit a new record high of 137 residents, the first time we broke the number of residents record in 7 months!

I'm working on new plots in the Jungle area to ensure there's enough for everyone. For now, plots are still 333 gold.

Older news from 1/14/2018:

There's been a HUGE change in the game dynamic since the 1/8 purple & orange wool update which forced us to a new server. Three interesting factors:

Speaking of new residents, Diamond Falls has exploded from 115 to 133 residents in just the 6 days since the update. A month ago we were down to 95 and had only very slowly built back up to 115. (Our high was 135 which was this summer just before they changed to Top 40, then started a gradual decline.) Anyway, I wasn't expecting this, so I'm scrambling to make sure there's going to be enough plots for sale. Starting 1/15, I'm going to increase the new plot price from 290 back to 333.

In other news, a new ladybug statue was completed near the dino on 1/13. Also people seem to be liking the new subway, and the subway has also been extended to the back of Japan City. Diamond Falls is so big that it's sometimes hard to find the Jungle, but now you can use the subway to go diagonally from spawn directly to the Jungle fairly quickly.

Princess Lovelyheart designed the seasonal snowflake statue that appeared at spawn 1/1 to replace the Christmas wreath. Below it is "2018" to celebrate the new year. It was originally red, but I changed it to purple on the new server so people would know that they made the BB update successfully. Also the new "neon" purple looks cool! (In the OLD server, I changed "2018" to "Old" and I put up another message "Update bb" to get people to update their app as any changes made on the old server will be forgotten.)

SEE A VIDEO (1/9) OF TWO PARALLEL DIAMOND FALLS TOWNS AT THE SAME TIME (Old and new server)! CLICK HERE. EMERGENCY UPDATE 1/9/2018: "January 8, 2018 - The Day That Never Happened" - The new Builder Buddies 1 update has been accomplished by making a new server that supports the new block types. The developer copied the BB1 world over to the new server early on 1/8. However he didn't disable the old server, so a ton of people played on 1/8 with the OLD app and server, not knowing that all changes would get LOST! Please UPDATE YOUR APP NOW to the latest version to start using the NEW server. You will get everything back that you had early on 1/8. Also, if the game starts glitching (like walking through blocks), forcibly close the app and re-start it. The developer says he'll have a fix for that bug in 2-3 days.

New video of Downtown Area 12/5/2017! Click here

New video of Island #5 12/8/2017! Click here

New video of Island #4 12/8/2017! Click here

New video of Island #3 12/11/2017! Click here

New video of Island #2 12/12/2017! Click here

FAN VIDEO of Diamond Falls 11/21/2017 by Sophia Wolf: Click here

New DIAMOND FALLS FAN CHANNEL by resident Gamer Sena: Click here

New DIAMOND FALLS FAN CHANNEL by resident Zeynep Tamoya: Click here

Diamond Falls video(s) by Thereal Denis: Click Here

Diamond Falls video(s) by Ash Kachrum: Click Here

COMING SOON Diamond Falls videos by Red Yoshi: Click Here

HACKING UPDATE 12/18/2017: Additional evidence suggests Builder Buddies has been fixed from hacking, and we haven't had any new attacks. I think we are safe! Also, ALL the hacking damage has been repaired, including a revamped underground waterfall room and a thoughtful new water parkour ending. (Note though that the underground cave has been discontinued.)

QUICK MISC. UPDATE: New subway now open from the riverwalk near the MQ house all the way to the giraffe! Eventually CWolf's Christmas Star plot will be a new master subway station (a little easier to find) but I need CWolf to log in first, or else I'll have to ED the plot on 1/1. Not sure why CWolf is not able to play anymore. He did a LOT for the town this spring and early summer.

Also, plots are now 290 gold, the lowest ever! This is because our population has shrunk to around 100 residents and we have a lot of "spare" plots. Our town is still healthy, though. We have kind of hit an "equilibrium" and I expect new residents to move in as inactive ones are deleted so we will maintain the 100.

HACKING UPDATE 12/11/2017: Cimber, Alyssa and I have been working tirelessly on investigating and tracking down the hackers, and reporting everything to the developer. One of the recent hacks was "un-hacked" today, which PROBABLY indicates (though we can't confirm) that the developer is "hot" on the case and close to fixing the hack. Very good news! I'll have more updates when available.

EMERGENCY ALERT 11/25/2017: DIAMOND FALLS WAS HACKED! Our blue waterfall wool was stolen, and the 4 pond parkour wool stolen, which had the effect of flooding a large number of underground chambers, ruining 3-4 weeks' worth of work. I have reported to the developer and I'm trying to collect information on the hackers. If you know of anything, please report to me (Torrapicus Termite) or report directly to the developer!

Older news from 10/12/2017:

For several days I've been robo mining a huge pit near spawn. Several residents have asked for a water park, so this is what we will make! Hopefully it will be spectacular and will draw new attention to Diamond Falls.

Otherwise, population growth has temporarily stopped... we are stable at about 120 residents. I've dropped new plot prices to 360. There are plenty of new plots on island #5 and in the new "jungle" area by the giraffe.

Bella Bellae, the mayor of our neighbor small town Bella (east of the suspension bridge), has started playing more regularly again. Bella no longer looks abandoned but has been revitalized.

Also in the last month Pac-Man has been converted to all wool, and I made a Sonic the Hedgehog statue on island #5, and at Twlight Spark's suggestion I made a Pinkie Pie statue on island #4. As I mentioned last month the town bank has a LOT of gold so expect to see even more wool color added in future projects!

Older news from Mid September:

Cutewolf Badboy (former governor of the islands) is back as "Cutewolf Builder". However he can no longer play every day so is currently only taking on small projects. He MAY still be able to work on the roleplay area on the beach off of island #4; we will see.

Cety Sandra left to start her own town, but Abby Quinn has returned (although playing a little less often).

New plots are currently 380 gold... that seems to be about the right price for me to be able to keep up. Please note that in addition to new plots on the new island #5 (where Random Town used to be), you will also find empty houses for sale for 380 throughout Diamond Falls - just keep looking. There are also a bunch of premium houses for sale that were strangely abandoned by former residents, with wool and glass still in them. They are priced fairly based on the blocks still in them. Some of them are quite beautiful, so if you have saved up a lot of gold, you can buy something REALLY nice.

Speaking of saving up a lot of gold, there continue to be incidents of residents spending THOUSANDS on a plot (like buying 2,500-marked or 7,650-marked plots that were supposed to be reserved). The town bank is stuffed with gold now, so I think it is time for Diamond Falls to step up to the next level and start "flaunting" our wealth. For example, I am considering converting Pac-Man to all wool, which may cost 15,000! Thank you to all who are supporting the town! We'll continue to make it great!

Older news from July and August:

Its Sunix (formerly Gravyo Man and Itz Sunix), a resident of the original Mystic Falls and who has been away a long time, has moved back to Diamond Falls. He has been active and very pro- Diamond Falls and has even donated 1,500 gold to the town. Thanks, Sunix!!

On 7/14 King Ashton left and made a new town "King Village" at X-2328 Z-792. Abby of course went with him, and friend Twilight Spark also decided to move there. Ashton and Abby were a happy couple and we enjoyed hearing them daily, so we will miss them greatly. However Diamond Falls has grown so much that we have quite a few new "regulars" to see every day (e.g., Safia). [UPDATE: It is rumored that King Village has been deleted; I have not yet been able to confirm.]

Speaking of growth, Diamond Falls grew from about 100 to 135 people in a short, two week period starting 6/8, then after that slowly fell back to 110. As of 7/16 we are now back up to 125 (even with Ashton, Abby, and Twilight leaving). Plots have continued to be in high demand the whole time, even with people leaving, since a lot of existing residents are buying plots also.

Land-wise, Diamond Falls continues to crazy-expand also. With microtowns being deleted and with a lot of cash in the town bank, we've managed to secure a LOT of land for the town. In addition to a lot of land around Japan City that still needs to be claimed and prepped, we've also been able to claim a lot of island land for Diamond Falls' unique style of islands (with sea walls and where everyone gets a non-flooded basement). After claiming area for a new 6 plot x 9 plot "Island 3", even more recently we were able to claim an extension to Island 2 which allows us to make a bridge to the shore, plus land for a new "Island 4" northwest of Island 1. Having completed the Island 2 extension, we are going to complete Island 3 first before tackling Island 4.

Back on land, the Candyland area is expanding slowly. I am slowly robo mining mountains in that area in order to mine the massive amounts of stone needed for the new island sea walls. We are also continuing to clean up Japan City, albeit very slowly (but Cutewolf did finish a new mural that says "Japan City" in Japanese). On 7/15, Cutee Pandabearr bought Dimond Shine's old mansion for 7,650 gold! No one has ever done that before! The 7650 wasn't meant to be a sell price; it is a placeholder for me to temporarily save valuable houses for residents in case they come back. But hey, Cutee Pandabearr got an awesome plot, and she really helped the town out with her donation (I can now claim the remaining plots on Island 3). Thanks, Panda!! [Click here for an explanation of why I use "7650" as the placeholder.]

As if that wasn't enough, on 7/16 there was another 12,000 in donations / sales. No, I am not kidding! I still haven't figured out who it was and what plot was purchased, if any. But, cool! I'm rapidly claiming the needed plots for Island 3 now.

On 7/5, I posted a new video to YouTube: Video of ice cream statues creation in the Candyland area.

Older news from June:

Older news from 5/5/2017:

#1: Unison Town was deleted so we were able to add 23 plots to the island. Diamond Falls is getting so big now that I've appointed Cutewolf Badboy governor of the island. He has been a tremendous help in prep'ing and selling plots.

#2: On 5/2 I got word from Pys Bot that he was tired of being mayor of Japan City and was planning on deleting his town. He did this on 5/5, luckily while I (mayor) was online, so I shelled out 11,000 gold and was able to annex almost the entire town! Almost all the residents had already moved out so it's looking somewhat abandoned but I claimed it before it could be trashed. Exact plans for the town are TBD. For the moment I will operate it kind of like a separate town. I'm going to try to think of ways to make it conform more to Diamond Falls while still preserving its unique character. I guess a lot of it depends on how much interest there is in the town. I've put some plots for sale there so we'll see if anyone wants to move in.

Speaking of plots for sale: Since we now have a TON of new land for the town, all plots are now 333, whether you are a new resident or not. We have a lot of new land in between Japan City and Diamond Falls that hasn't been claimed or prepped yet. I used up both the town bank and my own cash in the annexation so I'll be slowly building up my cash again so we can add even more plots. This will probably take all summer.

Posted 4/14: YouTube Video of the FNAF Spook House in Diamond Falls. I still need to post photos of the rest of the theme park!! Thank you for being patient! I also have a NEW YouTube DF tour video I still need to edit and post.

Question: What does it mean when a plot is for sale for 2500 or 7650?

Answer: 2500 usually means someone has left town and abandoned their plot. I will change the price to 425 soon. Sometimes, though, plots spontaneously go on sale for 2500 without the owner's consent. This is known as the "plot glitch." If it appears that the plot has been glitched - i.e., there is still glass and wool on the plot - I will change the price to 7650 which means "reserved." When the owner reappears, I will gladly give the plot back. If a couple of weeks go by and the owner never shows up, I may reclaim the plot and put it back up for sale. I will still save the wool, though, in case the owner comes back after a long time. The owner will get the wool back but may have to take a different plot.

Older News from 3/15:

I'm having a big problem with sexting in town... three incidents in the last week. This is not appropritate for a family-oriented block game, especially with many YOUNG children playing the game. I've tried reporting people but not enough others are joining me so they are not muted. I have asked the developer for suggestions, but in the meantime, I thought of one remedy: I can temporarily turn OFF the town chat. Hopefully people won't feel like "doing it" if there are dozens of others listening. So if you see chat turned off, that is what is happening, and I'm only going to do it temporarily. [UPDATE: Sexting problem has pretty much gone away - I think everyone is cooperating with the rules now. Thanks!!]

Mini theme park in the works! Johnny Orlando had the idea for this project, and I have put him in charge of it. (I know he left us at one point, but I've known him long enough to trust him with this project, and he currently has no plans to start another town.) Cloud Ninetwo and Raina Telgemeier (aka Melanie Crybaby) are also helping. It will be a while, but it will be really cool when done, and should have a carousel, ferris wheel, roller coaster, and spook house.

The developer STILL hasn't fixed the bug in which plots sometimes go for sale when you didn't put them for sale. I changed the default plot price to 2,500 as a precaution. If you see any plots for sale for 2,500, please let me know and I will take appropriate action (mark it not for sale, mark it for sale at the normal price, etc.).

Slightly older news:

I was shocked to learn that the mayor of Lea Land (formerly just southeast of YouTube City) had to delete her town because of "game glitches" in which residents lost plots and wool. It used to be a thriving city. We haven't had this happen in Diamond Falls yet, but if you experience anything like that, please report it to the developer immediately. On a brighter note, she started a new town of "Disneyland" (near JakeJais Town), and I gave her a little help, and in just two weeks it is already off to a great start.

I also learned that "Friendship City" is now where Lea Land was, and is Chezka Minecraft's town, and that Chocolate Icecream started her own separate town rather than go in with Chezka Minecraft. Note that land-wise, Diamond Falls' new southern border is about the same as YouTube City's southern border, and I claimed land east in such a way that Friendship City should also be able to expand to the east for maybe up to 10 plots without blockage from another town (in addition to potential other directions).

Just posted 2/16! A YouTube video tour of Diamond Falls on 2/2/2017. Check it out!

Sunday 2/12 Chocolate Icecream, Mind Sophia, and Chezka Minecraft left to start their own town. We will miss them. It is sad, but it is also part of the game to pursue a town of your own and follow your friends. But note that former Diamond Falls residents visit Diamond Falls all the time to visit their old friends. Diamond Falls will also gain new residents and we will continue. Note also that there was a mass exodus when Mystic Falls converted to Diamond Falls, but we bounced back quickly. [Update: We have bounced back quickly!]

Savannah Huskey moved to nearby Japan City. She said the mayor is upset that they are being prevented from expanding on all sides by blocking towns. Note that Diamond Falls has the same problem. I checked things out, and apparently there is a private microtown Diamond Falls knock-off called Diamond City which is east of Japan City, right on the beach. Hopefully that town will eventually self-delete due to inactivity and Japan City can expand in that direction.

Please don't block the roads or make them ugly by taking out the yellow stripes!

Still older news:

Xavier Robledo (the developer) visited Diamond Falls on 2/5! He couldn't stay long, but was very impressed with our waterfall. He also donated 3,500 gold! Maybe he appreciated all that we have done, as well as the challenge ahead in converting to a 16x16 right of way town. I thanked him later and he said, "No problem. Your town is awesome and I appreciate your support."

Sunday, January 29th was a CRAZY day in town. First the mine flooded again, this time by a griefer. Then Vice Mayor Johnny Orlando out of the blue apparently decided to sell his plots and leave town (allegedly to start his own). Then someone bought Johnny's house and put up a billboard that said "Free Plots at Binx." Finally, a fake Torrapicus Termite (calling himself "Torrapicus Termites") came in our town to pester us. I'm still trying to sort all of this out. Resolutions after January 29th:

Also, the dinosaur/raptor statue is now complete! I was hoping to have both basketball courts back so there would be a clear view of it, but for now at least I got one back.

The "statue war" seems to be over (1/26). Raina decided to raze her statues and sell that plot. However, she has other new plots which she's building some cool things on, so stay tuned. Also, Cake Fairy's interesting statues remain.

Land problem solved! One of the micro towns that was blocking us in, Jays Warriors, just got deleted due to inactivity (1/20). I put a bunch of my personal gold in the town bank in order to claim a bunch of new plots in the area where the town was in order to guarantee expansion space in the future. It may be weeks before we get there (it will take weeks just to clear the horribly mountainous area), but at least our future is safe. This new land is located roughly to the south of the town mine.

Special thanks to Cake Fairy for using one of her lots as a very nice public park. It is located kitty corner from the town mine. She also has plans to buy another lot to build a school.

Special thanks to Raina Telgemeier for making the new town wishing well.

The Grill issue has been resolved. Bayou Star has spent a lot of time on her dream home and wants to keep it, but she also realizes the importance of the Grill and is sprucing up her basement for it. I helped her with a nice staircase entrance. It is a bit different than what we are used to, but I think it will work. I do want to encourage creativity and teamwork in this town, and I'm glad we were able to work out a solution.

(As a historical footnote, Mystical Mia had asked to take over the Grill, and she did a great job remodeling it, but then she decided to move on and sold it to Bayou Star.)


Plots continue to be in high demand. I've decided to stick with the $333 price for now.

You will find that the plots on the south side of town are raised by two blocks. This is because the whole area is mountainous, and, even with robo-mining, it takes forever to blast through rocks. It is easier to do a fill. So, even though it is slighly less optimal cosmetically, it is going to save me a ton of time, and allow me to keep up with demand for plots.

Also on 1/7, in the evening, we hit #4 on the Top Towns list, and the town was jammed with visitors. Cool!

On 1/11, I built the water tower with hidden parkour challenge. Nearby, I'm in the midst of a multi-day project to blast out tons of stone for a couple of new beachside plots, with the challenge being to blend nicely with the surrounding wilderness and beach.

Check this page periodically for more news!

Spin-Off Towns

The following former Diamond Falls (and Mystic Falls) residents have decided to leave us and try to start their own towns. While it is sad to see people go, we also know and understand that for many people, starting your own town is the ultimate goal and reward of the game (a lot of work, too!).

Cloud Nine, Hotgirl Renee, Hotgirl Krista: Left just after Christmas. They stayed in Best Town for 2-3 weeks to save up gold, then formed Oakridge Falls in an insolated southwest part of the world. As of 2/13, they have fully converted to a 16x16 right of way system (with wide cobblestone lanes extending from the spawn center) and have some charming houses.

Soccer Player: Started a town around the same time as Oakridge Falls, then deleted it, then moved to Diamond Falls for a couple of hours, then left to start another town, then apparently deleted it and moved to Oakridge Falls, then left again. UPDATE, late March: She has started a new town "Hawaii Cove" at X-2438 Z2452 (not too far from Oakridge Falls).

Johnny Orlando: The former vice mayor of Diamond Falls who left us without warning on 1/29 formed a small town called Beach Village at a beach east of our town. After a slow start, he said he started giving away plots for free, then on 2/14 he made the Top Towns, and Cloud Ninetwo and Queen Kamryn decided to move there. A few days later, though, residents moved out, and Johnny decided to delete his town. Johnny has since moved back to Diamond Falls. Johnny MAY start a town again, but not until the summer.

Izzy Omg: Left in early February to start a town near Scaleswind City. The last time I visited it only had two plots, so I think she's trying to take it slow.

Chocolate Icecream, Mind Sophia, Chezka Minecraft: Left 2/12 to start two new towns. One is Friendship City and is where Lea Land used to be (just south of Diamond Falls). I don't know where Chocolate Icecream's town is (I am told it got deleted). Friendship City was fairly idle for over a month, but more recently (i.e., early April) Chezka asked me for help in boosting her town, so I rounded up some people one night and brought them over to her town so it could be in Top Towns, and she had a swarm of people and easily sold three new plots she had created.

Sapphire Omg: Left 3/3 to start Sapphire Falls. I helped her find a location just south of Cheetah Town, at X1980 Z2070. She had very good luck on 3/5 as Cheetah Town was in Top Towns all morning, so it was easy for her to get new residents to come. Then in the afternoon she made Top Towns herself. The morning of 3/6 she was in TT again. UPDATE: Sapphire is doing the best of all the towns here because she plays often and has her sister to help her. She makes Top Towns quite frequently during the week, seemingly more often now than Cheetah Town, and is slowly adding plots. [UPDATE, 4/14: Cheetah Town is in Top Towns now a LOT during the day on weekdays, and is slowly growing. This is also helping Sapphire Town. In fact those two towns are doing so well now that all sorts of new little towns are popping up all over that area.] UPDATE, 5/16: Sapphire Falls suffered a LOT after Cheetah Town was deleted, and Sapphire Omg got tired of being mayor, so she deleted her town and moved back to Diamond Falls. She now lives in a house next to Abby Quinn.

Louise Omg: Sapphire's sister; left 3/4 to start Louise Falls just west of Sapphire Falls. She deleted it on 3/6 to join Sapphire Falls and help her sister.

Cute Boii: Started Itzboiis Town at X2198 Z1072, I think in early March. Cute Boii deleted his character & game on 3/27, so Itzboiis town got deleted (I found the abandoned town and recovered 84 cobblestone before the Wilderness reset).

Cutee Pandabearr: Started a new town 3/13 but got discouraged and deleted it 3/14.

Harambe Gwatamala: I met him in Oakridge Falls. He briefly was a resident of Diamond Falls, then he started a new town "Bacon Land". He happened to choose a location just east northeast of Oakridge Falls. Cimber Secunia loves the town and keeps making bacon jokes. Harambe played for two days then promised to stick with it, but now the town lies unchanged, unvisited, and dying.

Queen Kamryn: Left Diamond Falls late March to start a new town allegedly near X1050 Z2100, but she lost the town and can't find it.

Cake Fairy: Left Diamond Falls early April to start Cake Paradise, roughly 200 meters south of United States (and roughly 700 meters west of Youtube City). It has a very interesting, unique layout - worth a visit!

Winter Wolfgirl: In a pattern similar to Soccer Player, she left Diamond Falls, had a plot at Diamond Island for a short while, then moved back to Diamond Falls, then left again to start her own town, Winter Paradise or something like that (I still haven't figured out where it is).

Sean Port: Claims to have created a new town south of Sapphire Falls approx. 5/4, but I haven't been able to find it yet.

Bella Badgirl: Former mayor of Bellas World, she lived in Diamond Falls for a while in early May, then tricked me into ED'ing a beautiful mansion (5/20) so she could take the gold and start her own town. I'm not sure what the town is or where it is yet.

King Ashton, Abby Quinn, and Twilight Spark: On 7/14 King Ashton left and made a new town "King Village" at X-2328 Z-792. Abby of course went with him, and friend Twilight Spark also decided to move there. In early August they deleted their town. In December King Ashton made a new town, but then lost it, and then decided to delete it again and move back to Diamond Falls.

Spy Jazel: Left and made a town "The Filipinos Pride" but deleted it. As of mid-Sept. 2017 she temporarily joined Diamond Falls to save up for a new town.

Cuty Wolfpup: Left and made a town "Game Wolf".

John Will: John had a grand triple plot in Diamond Falls in January 2017 but after a month or so left to seek other adventures. He briefly came back, but in early August he started his own town "Will Ville" at X+2256 Z-3185. He started it with several plots for sale off the bat and a nice central road.

Cety Sandra, Selen Mutlu, Germia Statlilius: After Abby left in July, Cety was one of the most vocal and active residents until she started her own town in late August called "Cety Sandra" at about -3569X -2335Z. As of mid September it is about 10 plots in size and is attracting quite a bit of attention. In October it appears that she deleted the town and re-buit it at -3605X -2065Z, now with a large right of way resembling Diamond Fall's Candyland except with pumpkin hoops. It appears to be growing well again. Cety is helping her close friends Selen and Germia start their own towns very close to hers (which is a good strategy, as if one town isn't in Top Towns, another might be so they can all help each other). (Germia City at X-3345 Z-1888) UPDATE: Cety Sandra was mysteriously deleted in Early December, even though the town was doing extremely well and I had just complimented her on her town. I have not been able to find her and no one knows why the town was deleted. Germia City and Selen Mutlu are still doing well. [Update as of March 2018 both of those cities are also deleted somehow!]

Hotcutegirl Layla, Roxie Cutewolf: Briefly left in November to start their own towns, but had trouble and ended up moving back.

Prince Emmanuel: Left in November to start "Emmanuel Paradise" at X3116 Z823.

Itz Karl: Left in November to start "Universal Creations" in the far north. Had a great start, but he didn't like it, so he decided to delete. He moved back to Diamond Falls for a while, then to Alayna Town or something like that. He is considering moving back to DF again.

Jay Bull: Left 11/21 to start "Jay Bull" at X2027 Z1043. Still going strong as of March 2018.

Ash Kachrum (a.k.a. Cloud Ninetwo): Started "Gamer World" in January 2018. I've helped him make some interesting statues there including a replica 3D Pac-Man house. The town was deleted in early May.

Yumi Mew, Denis Daily: Left about 2/7 to "Dumi City"; several friends went with them and built an amazing city extremely fast. Only a week later it was deleted; click here for a YouTube video explaining the horrible tragedy. After that, they made "Salty Love" but it only lasted 2 days.

Ima Door: Left to join Dumi City and Salty Love (above); after those towns were deleted started "The Neiborhood" in the sparsely populated southwest part of the world.

Tamoya L.: Started "Queen Town" in Feb. 2018. Deleted 5/29/2018.

Gamer Sena: Started "Love Falls" in March 2018. Deleted 5/29/2018.

Zeynep Tamoya: Started "Bestfriends Town" in March 2018. Deleted 5/29/2018.

TRIVIA: There are/were 7 towns copying the Diamond Falls name: There's Diamond, Diamond City [Deleted June 2017], Aqua Diamond City, Diamond Island, Diamond Town [Old and New Verisons], Diamond Paradise, and Diamond Hearts. Other than the name there is no known connection to Diamond Falls. Diamond City was the only one actually close to Diamond Falls (and, ironically, the smallest with only 1 resident). Diamond Island is a cool new town (started approx. 4/1) by a former Ireland resident who lost all her wool when Ireland's mayor deleted the town and stole everyone's wool. She is one of the few people using a 16x16 right of way from the get go (most other small towns are still doing plot jamming).


On 12/26/2016 Mayor Renee of Mystic Falls announced she was going to step down as mayor. She designated me (Torrapicus Termite) as her successor. We had problems doing the transfer - apparently the mayor transfer commands were disabled by the developer. So she had to delete the town and I had to re-start it. This happened on 12/28/2016. She asked that I use a different name. She also donated 2000 gold to the new town. I used that plus 6000 of my own gold to re-claim roughly half of the original plots.

Because it took 2 days to sort out the transfer, almost all "core" residents got scared and decided to leave. They took their glass and wool and left their buildings. However many buildings were still able to be saved.


12/28/2016: New town created around 4pm. First evening is very lonely as the new town of Diamond Falls is not in the Top Towns list and very few old residents showed up. Johnny Orlando and Cimber Secunia are faithful and give all their gold to help me reclaim plots. Also we get two new residents. The first is Pandas Rock, who had left Mystic Falls, but decided to come back. She claimed the "heart" house just northeast of the Grill. The second is brand new player Melanie Quiznel. She picks an unfinished house right next to Pac-Man, and I help her learn the game as she faithfully fixes up the house. This house is the now famous MQ house. Both Panda's and Melanie's houses have survived the entire history of Diamond Falls (although Panda's was damaged by a scammer at one point). Melanie would become one of the most frequent players in the critical first 2-3 months of the town (even though she now no longer plays). Johnny, Cimber, and Panda play less often but all 3 still play over a year later.

12/29/2016: A day of VERY lucky breaks. Due to the server crashing twice, the wilderness reset is canceled which I've never seen happen before. This gave us another 24 hours to save plots. Also one of the new residents came on with me in the morning, and that was JUST enough to put the town in the Top Towns list, so visitors start arriving in droves. It happened again in the afternoon. We get two more new residents. Former residents Hotgirl Renee, Cloud Nine, Krista, and Gravyo Man come for brief visits (Note: Renee, Cloud Nine and Krista now live in Best Town; Gravyo Man is now Itz Sunix and lives in Paris City). Some old residents finally turn up and some decide to move on but 2 or 3 others decide to stay. A few more plots are saved.

Former Mystic Falls resident Jay Girl said she moved to Jolly Town for a while, but then decided to move back to Diamond Falls. (Not sure of the exact date of her return.)

12/30/2016: Maddie Marieeee's miracle: Former resident Maddie claimed a new house yesterday but she really wants her old plot back, even though it is damaged by griefers. The problem was I needed 666 gold to claim her plot and another one adjacent to it to properly annex it to the city. Even after donations by Johnny Orlando and Cimber Secunia, I still didn't have enough gold as of late last night. I had trouble sleeping and was able to get up at 6:40am, 7:40am, and 8:40am to collect gold. Less than a minute after the 8:40am gold, the Wilderness Reset wiped the plots just north of the town sign. I was still 7 gold short. I ran into my mine and hastily grabbed the first gold I could find, deposited all my gold into the town bank, and claimed those two plots literally less than 5 minutes before erasure! (The wilderness is reset one row at a time and it takes about 2 1/2 minutes per row. Maddie's plot was on the south end of town.) So with that heroic effort, with donations, as well as the miracle of not having a Wilderness reset yesterday, we saved Maddie's plot!

This evening I finally finished converting the town sign to "Diamond Falls". We are going to go without wool for now (except for the 3 diamonds) because it would cost at least 5000 gold to do the colored letters. Vice Mayor Johnny Orlando has the town wool for safe keeping in what one visitor excitedly called "The Rainbow Room." It will be used for future town beautification projects.

12/31/2016: The town continues to do well! We continue to make the Top Towns list daily and slowly attract new residents. Almost all of the existing structures have been repaired, the glass is back, and the town looks great. I restored the rabbit sculpture this morning to its former glory. This sculpture was originally created in Mystic Falls by Cloud Nine for Mayor Renee and was called "Nigel."

1/1/2017: Maddie enjoyed her old plot that we saved, but she decided to relocate to be next to her sister. Maddie's old plot is now for sale. Cloud Nine visits again and is very glad that Nigel has been restored. The River Walk, once exclusive to my plots, has now been extended to half of the main street (and will eventually stop just before the grill).

Diamond Falls Town Master Plan

The developer of the game changed the rules on 1/31 so that mayors can no longer alter resident plots. This means I can't fix roads if they get blocked or trashed. I was hoping that people would cooperate, and most are, but, in the end, the roads are starting to get trashed. I want the city to stay clean and nice, so I'm having to convert to a 16x16 right of way system (like most of the largest towns). I did a lot of touring and found an extremely charming town called Beach Port that is most similar to us except with the 16x16 right of way, so I'm modeling the town after that, though not exactly (Beach Port is almost "too" perfect and plastic-y, and I want to preserve the uniqueness and creativity of Diamond Falls resdients).

PHASE ONE is easy (well, except for acquiring and flattening a LOT of mountainous land). All the new plots I have been adding since 1/31 have been with the new 16x16 right of way style. These plots are located south and east of the dinosaur statue.

PHASE TWO is to convert the old parts of Diamond Falls to the new format. This is a huge challenge because I do NOT want to just bowl over a bunch of beautiful houses using eminent domain. If you have a plot in the old part of town, do NOT worry, you can keep your house as long as you want.

BUT, if you ever decide to sell (to move to a different plot or to leave town), I am acquiring SOME of the town plots to be converted to 16x16 road / right of way plots. Some people have already sold houses, and this is why some of them go back up for sale while others are staying "~Unowned". This whole process may take weeks or months. If interested in more details (like which houses are to be converted), talk with me.

NOTE that in a few cases I may be able to "move" houses. For example, I made an exact replica of a house of Queen Kamryn's in an adjacent plot and had her trade plots. So this is another way to do the conversion, but obviously a slow, one-plot-at-a-time method. I continue to brainstorm the best ideas. Remember, I'm not just going to bowl over plots or force anyone to move! Everyone will have a say and a choice.

Japan City in Japanese

Peace Cove Island Plans, Sept. 2018:

Builder Buddies PCI Plan   Builder Buddies PCI Robo Digging Plan

NOTE: NORTH is to the RIGHT on these maps. The three robo digging areas in the map at the right are, from top to bottom, glass pac man area, glow room area, subway station.

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