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     Highway 1950

Highway 1950

This web page is about Highway 1950 which is also an example of how you can make a "highway" in Builder Buddies.

This highway was started 2/9/2018 and ended 2/13/2018 after the surprise, horrible destruction of Dumi City. It was resumed 2/16/2018 because "Friendship Place" was created in place of Dumi, then ended 3/5/2018 because the BB Town Search Update has made the highway obsolete!

Builder Buddies - Highway 1950 in-game view

There are so many towns in Builder Buddies now, but many players are young (even as young as age 8) and are not that good with coordinates. Prior to the BB Town Search Update, these people had to rely on the town they need being in Top Towns OR someone who is good at coordinates to lead them. But another way was to have a marked "highway" between towns.

The main problem is that all the areas between towns gets wiped daily with the wilderness reset. The terrain is sometimes rugged and with obstacles, so it's hard to just walk through and hope you find your town (unless your town is very close by).

So you can't make any nice, permanent roads, but you can make quick, temporary roads using "breadcrumbs." Sometimes when I lead someone to a town using coordinates alone, I drop "breadcrumbs" along the way so he/she can find the path even if we get disconnected or if he/she wants to use the same path later. Breadcrumbs can be any block that you have a lot of. I usually use stone because I have a lot of excess stone after robo mining, and those blocks are more difficult for griefers to remove, but you can use dirt or anything that stands out.

"Highway 1950" was a new project I started. There were four Diamond Falls spin-off towns now in the same area, and was a lot of interest in moving between the towns. Rather than being called away all the time to lead people, I just re-marked the same road every morning. After some experimentation, I found a route that is pretty efficient and without obstacles such as super high mountains or other towns in the way. Also I put it at X=1950 which was pretty easy to remember:

Builder Buddies - Highway 1950 on a map

The four towns connected were Jay Bull (mayor Jay Bull), Gamer World (mayor Ash Kachum), Queen Town (mayor T.Z.), and Dumi City (mayor Yumi) [with Dumi now being deleted] [UPDATE: Friendship Place is where Dumi City #1 was and road is being resumed]. All were started by former Diamond Falls residents and regular players (except for Queen Town started by the friend of a Diamond Falls regular).

This town cluster shows how towns can cooperate with each other. If ANY of those four towns is in Top Towns, then you can teleport to one of them, then use Highway 1950 to get to the other town that you need pretty easily. (After the BB Town Search update, towns no longer have to be physically close in order to cooperate. You can search for any town then just teleport to it, virtually eliminating the need for roads, unless you just want to have fun.) [UPDATE, 11/05/2018: The only towns shown on the map above that haven't been deleted are Loveland, United States, YouTube City, Diamond Falls, Bella, and Rainbow Ghost.]

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