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Oakridge Falls Info Site!!

Welcome to Oakridge Falls! We are a charming small town in a rural setting, working very hard to become the future "hub" of the entire southwest region. It may take a while, but would love to have you join us in building a special town from the ground up. If you are just visiting, welcome, feel free to make friends and watch us grow.

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HOW TO GET THERE: Oakridge Falls is at an isolated, far away location. (That is an adantage in that we have plenty of space to expand, but temporarily a disadvantage as it is hard to get to when not in the Top Towns list.) As a visitor or prospective new resident, your best bet is to wait for a special OPEN HOUSE PARTY. This happens when Oakridge Falls makes the Top Towns list and is usually in the evening. (Sunday evening 10pm - 12am Eastern Time is typically a really good time.)

If you are interested in buying a plot, look for mayor Cloud Nine or vice mayor Pink Panther and they can assist you. Plots are typically 200 - 333 gold. Deals can sometime be made, but gold is needed to expand the town (it costs the mayor 333 to make a new plot).

The town coordinates are approximately -2100X +2000Z, but it is a 12 minute swim/walk from Bigmak (20 from Newyork) so unless you are a resident or have an invitation, you are better off to wait for the next party. Collect your 20 free gold every hour while you wait, and by the time of the next party you can get the plot of your dreams.

Oakridge Falls Attractions:

Town News:

JUST POSTED 4/3! Click here for a YouTube video of Oakridge Falls!

The town is doing well. We are slowly but surely growing. The 16x16 right of way scheme is keeping our town tidy and neat (unlike the many, many popup towns of late which jam all their plots together), and we are poised for more growth. Instead of 16-wide cobblestone, we are now slowly converting to a slightly narrower road, with planks and glass on the border, and a small green buffer region with trees (similar to the green buffer in Beach Port and Diamond Falls but smaller). Older News:

Like many other small towns, we were hit HARD with the new 1/31/17 rule change in which mayors cannot alter residents' plots. While Mayor Cloud Nine normally woudn't mess up anything you are doing unless absolutely necessary, the new rule makes it a lot harder for Mayor and Vice Mayor to work together, and to ensure the town stays clean. The immediate implications are: 1) All-enclosed nighttime town no longer possible, and 2) We had to remove some statues and convert to a 16x16 right of way style town. As of the second week of February this conversion is complete and we are now on a rock solid path for growth.

Developer Xavier Robledo visited Oakridge Falls on February 6th at 3pm! He said, "Cool concept."


Oakridge Falls was founded in mid-January 2017 by former members of Mystic Falls (now Diamond Falls), Cloud Nine, Pink Panther, and Hotgirl Krista. Diamond Falls mayor Torrapicus Termite is good friends with Oakridge Falls mayor Cloud Nine, and he has been helping publicize this town and get it off the ground.

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