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Builder Buddies World Map
Special thanks to Celestial Dreams (aka "Hidden") for help making the new 2024 map!!

Termite-Endorsed Time Slots Directory - Last Updated 2024-05-14:
N.B. USA went to Daylight time on 3/10... UTC times shifted!
N.B. Bereal moved back to 11pm!

04:00pm-04:30pm ET    20:00 UTC     Zariya                          CCT2024
07:30pm-08:00pm ET    23:30 UTC     New Hampshire                   CCT2024
08:00pm-08:30pm ET    00:00 UTC     United Block City               *
08:30pm-09:00pm ET    00:30 UTC     Baked Potatoes                  CCT2024
09:00pm-09:30pm ET    01:00 UTC     Four Link Clover                * (CCT trial)
09:30pm-10:00pm ET    01:30 UTC     Paris City                      CCT2024
10:00pm-10:30pm ET    02:00 UTC     Centaurus                       *
10:30pm-11:00pm ET    02:30 UTC     Diamond Falls                   *
11:00pm-11:30pm ET    03:00 UTC     Bereal (fan run)                *
TERMITE'S NEW TIME SLOT INCLUSION RULE: As of 2/4/24, I am not publishing any time slot unless the host player has been a resident of the host town continuously for 30 days. (This is to prevent the constant listing and de-listing of slots by players who don't know how to make a long term commitment.)

CCT2024 = 2024 reboot of CCT with Mak, Bud, and Bagel as the new Board (see website). The official CCT designation not only shows that the town wants to follow CCT rules (no cussing, no spamming, no bullying, no inappropriate), but the Board actively monitors the town to ensure rules are kept.

* = Independent town but commiting to a safe town with rules very similar to CCT, though not guaranteed as it's not reviewed by a Board. NOTE: Centaurus time slots mute immediately without two warnings.

PG-16 = Not recommended for players under age 16. The Graveyard's rules are: No slurs (racial or homophobic), no spamming, no erotic (inappropriate) role play. Cussing allowed as long as not excessive and as long as it doesn't violate another rule (e.g., slurs). {ALT} = ALTERNATE time slot for those who still want to play but don't want the cussing.

Centaurus = New "supertown" composed of multiple regions run by different players, sometimes with alt-spawns and time slots. See Centaurus website for more info!

Click here for the CRS-Endorsed Pictorial Time Slots Directory

BB Time Slots Are Fun!

Shoutouts / Emojis - the BB Time Slot Community!
Term (me!) 🐜
Cimber 🪵
Steph 🦊
Vamp 😸
Mak 🐰
Bagel 🥯
Bud 🥔
Star ⭐️
Narc 🪞
Tom 🚜
Mecha Tronn
Raph 🍷
Rigil ☀️
Soul 🌶️
Kawaii 🦉
Xbox ✈️
Edwina 🐱
Corp 🦌
MD 👩‍⚕️
Reaper 💀
Ella ✨
Hadar 🧠
Usnv Wardog
Tessa 😺
Rylie 🐍
Blue Slime (Jiv/Solo/Tacky) 🍬
Toby 💦
Alexa 🐱
Ten Cells 🕷️
Tomboy Six 👹
King Nob 👑
Amy Rosee 🦔
Dash 🌈
Princess Vaeh
Obviously Leo 🦁
Kylia 🐈
Rose 🦋
Turkey Leg 🦵
Hakuna 🦁
Bird 🐤
Hidden 🌚
Yoon (Don) 🐓
Lucio 😺
Naysha 🦂
Mitchell Boy 🏒
Kara 🦸‍♀️
Renee 🎀
Smokey 💨
Theresa 🦊
Silent ⭐️
Plug 🔌
Djdido 🦌
Jacob 🌭
Tenjo 🎶
Six Cells 🦅
Your Spit 💧
Fanta 🎅
Diamonds 💎

BB News May 2024: What's New? BB News April 2024 BB News March 2024 BB News February 2024 BB News January 2024
CLICK HERE for Natural Features Guide.

Maximum travel rate: 4m / sec (6m / sec on horse). Each square above = 200m = 50 seconds (33 sec. if horse)

Wilderness reset rate is approx. 35 minutes per square, vertically (example: If Loveland is 750Z and your town is at 2100Z, then that is 1,350m difference, or 6.75 squares, which is 236 minutes. So your town's surrounding wilderness would reset 4 hours after Loveland.)

Most recently reported Wilderness Reset:
Z=+3389 at 2024-05-07 11:03 UTC (7:08am EDT)
(reset is supposed to be consistent but drifts daily and sometimes completely changes after a server reboot).

2023 BB news summary: BB almost died when Amelia decided to quit BB in December 2022 and deleted the huge town of Paris City. I was almost ready to give up myself, but then I talked with sometimes players and we had the idea of rebooting CCT as "Clock CCT" and having 30 minute "time slots" where the mayor is guaranteed to be every day. This idea caught on and was a huge turning point in the game to start bringing players back. Also Xavier stopped doing his dumb experiments and started fixing things in BB (including, most importantly, restoring wilderness deleted town looting). He is actually listening to players again, and also released cool new shop items: a hopping bunny pet, a hopping frog pet, a crocodile mount, and a dino onesie outfit.

2019-2022 BB news is on my Instagram Account. (I still have this account to receive DMs, but I do not post news there anymore.)

Click here for the very old (2018 and earlier) BB news page and old BB towns guide.

Mini link to this web page:

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