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When you make something the first time (a house, a subway station, etc.), it's kind of slow. You have to have a design, then you have to figure out the most efficient way to build it, etc. Once you've done it a few times, though, it starts to become "second nature" and you can crank out your creation more quickly.

My wife Cathy loves to create beautiful houses (both in Creative and Survival modes). She has now perfected her ideal/optimal cottage (big enough to be comfortable and furnishable, small enough to be able to make them quickly). And within the basic 11x9x5 design, she can change building materials, window locations, and other minor variations to make interesting villages of these houses. Below are some examples of her creations.

Beach houses:

You can use this reference house (below) as a "blueprint" for making your own 11x9x5 cottages. Or, use this as inspiration to come up with your own blueprint.

Cathy's Ideal Minecraft Cottage 11x9x5, marked

The inside of the reference house shows an example of how you can creatively furnish each cottage. This one has a large screen TV and upstairs loft with a bed. (Upper floor within cottage is optional.)

Here's another cottage interior; this one has a library. There is a loft in this cottage as well.

Yes! You can use the standard cottage design in other 3D block games such as Builder Buddies:

Builder Buddies version of Cathy's Ideal Minecraft Cottage 11x9x5

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