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TWO GAMES: Minecraft (Bedrock Edition, formerly Pocket Edition) -and- Builder Buddies
THREE GOALS: Retro, Creativity, and Learning

When Geek Pocket Minecraft first started, Minecraft Pocket Edition was new and there wasn't much support for it. But I recognized that, due to its ease of use and portability, it would eventually become the best Minecraft. And so it has, the so-called "Bedrock Edition." Now there's tons of support for it so this website is somewhat obsolete. BUT, at the same time, the once simple app has now bloated up with so many features and add-ons. Browse this website and go back to a time when Minecraft was more simple... but you could still do so much with it. Even with today's bloat, you can still ignore all that and focus on the simple, original game.
Builder Buddies
This is a Minecraft "clone" for iPads and iPhones, at least the very early, simple Minecraft (like I was just talking about), but it all takes place in a shared world where everyone plays together. So you can make new friends and everyone can see your creations. You can even work together on stuff. In late 2018 Builder Buddies is also starting to stray from its original path and is morphing into a mostly role play game where content is purchased rather than created (Minecraft now suffers from some of this, too, with its endless add-ons). So browse this website and go back to a time where creativity was king. You can STILL do this in Builder Buddies.
This website focues on a simpler time where you only had a few blocks but could do amazing things with those few blocks. Ignore the modern bloat and go back to the original vision!
This website encourages creativity - making your own stuff, rather than doing in-app purchases to buy all your content.
This website encourages scientific observation and experimentation to figure out what you can do with the game. You can also compare the game to reality (e.g., what is diorite?) and you can build things in the games that model reality (even real life city landmarks, which you have to learn about before you can make a 3D block version of). Also exploration of generated worlds!

Minecraft Seed Mania NOTE: My seeds STILL WORK w/the latest Minecraft as of 2/2/2018, including the "1825" stronghold-under-village-well seed!

Geek Pocket Minecraft
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Through the Looking Glass: The Strange Case of Seed 2664

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Minecraft & Builder Buddies (Ideas for Both)

Minecraft PE Seed 1202: Flowers and CavesMinecraft PE Seed
          1220: Duck Island (rock beach nearby with exposed iron ore)

 'Common' Minecraft PE Seeds
In the PC (Java) edition, you can ultra-customize terrain generation: what biomes to use, percentage of lakes and lava lakes, etc. In the bedrock edition, you have none of that. But you can still "pick your own world" via the seed when you click "Advanced". All you need is some guinea pig, like me, to try out a bunch of seeds and inventory what comes up. There's a lot of "miracle" seeds on YouTube and other websites that give you double villages, abandoned mineshafts, rare biomes, easy access to diamonds, etc. Sometimes, though, that makes the game TOO easy. Minecraft is always full of surprises when you least expect it, and the "common" seeds below are just waiting for someone to go in and find them. (Of course, I did just so happen do stumble upon "miracle" seed 1221, which is also tons of fun.) Note: To find something in particular, like "village", press CTRL+F to open your browser's search dialog.
  • 1200: Plains with oak/birch forest patches. Flower cluster & 2 lakes just beyond nearest hill
  • 1201: Plains/mountains area. Ocean on the other side of bare stone mountain (2 exposed coal blocks)
  • 1202: *River in oak/birch forest & plains area. Follow river to right for a while to get to gorge; follow river to left to get to lake, behind which are tons of flowers and mountains with lots of caves
  • 1203: *River with plains on one side, steep cliffs with caves on other; thick oak forest with giant mushrooms nearby [NOTE: Giant mushrooms don't spwan in 0.13.0 / 0.13.1 due to bug]
  • 1204: Island just off of shore of huge oak/birch forest; follow beach to left for a while to find lava lake then extreme mountain area
  • 1205: Sandy beach; mostly plains; follow beach to left for a while to find mountains with 2 waterfalls & exposed coal
  • 1206: Three rivers at ocean shore, birch forest, mushroom swamp
  • 1207: Spruce forest (a.k.a. taiga) w/wolf and roses near plains w/sunflowers; 2 exposed coal ore blocks available in weird rock formation
  • 1208: "Hook" island just off mainland; follow coast in direction of hook to get to small swampy area with giant mushrooms; lava waterfall in mountains behind it
  • 1209: Chain of islands with trees; no mainland in sight
  • 1210: At boundary of snowy spruce forest & oak/birch forest; small lava lake available; ocean shore nearby; in other direction, shadow mountain with tons of flowers around it
  • 1211: Small peninsula off of oak/birch mainland; if you follow coast to the right for a while you'll get to small mountains with tons of flowers, then dense oak forest w/giant mushrooms and lava lake
  • 1212: *Spawn by tree, lake, some cave openings (including one with 2 exposed iron) and lots of mountains; if you turn around and go in direction of the nearest cave but go over the mountain instead of in it, and keep going (all the way through the birch-only forest) you'll get to a desert; to the right of the desert is the ocean. [0.13.0 update: No desert temple found]
  • 1213: Shore of spruce forest w/wolves & pumpkins, lots of plains and mountains in the distance; shore-hugging islands including pumpkin island [note: 2nd time I generated 1213 pumpkins didn't appear on island; 3rd time they came back. Two other places w/pumpkins, including near spawn point, seemed to be the same each time]
  • 1214: At plains river with thick oak forest cluster & giant mushrooms on the other bank; go in direction of pumpkins and keep going in that direction to dirty lake (you might pass a cave with lava inside on the way); beyond that is snow plains
  • 1215: *Spawn facing village in plains at edge of desert; swamp w/giant mushrooms nearby and lots of animals; follow river away from village to get to spruce forest & mountains. [0.13.0 update: DOUBLE desert temples found! Find lava pit in desert very close to the village. From there, go due east a LONG distance across most of the huge desert. You will find the first temple. From there, the second temple is visible to the south. Side-note: Continuing east to the end of the desert takes you to the ocean.]
  • 1216: *Swamp w/giant mushrooms; river ahead w/desert; follow river to mountains; beyond that, lava lake; much farther down river is savanna and savanna village. There is also a lava lake on other side of non-swamp lake near spawn point. Follow river opposite way to get to very strange "birch" mountain peak, and farther down more mountains and pumpkins
  • 1217: *Vast "Superdesert" with mountains and caves, plus a patch of prairie with flowers. Lava lake on other side of green mountain; savannah a bit beyond that. Click here for full walk-through of five villages (including a double village), six desert temples [0.13.0+], a modest MESA biome, 2 oceans and an extreme mountain savannah.
  • 1218: Beach prairie; pumpkins on the prairie. Follow beach to left to double gorge with steep mountains and lots of caves
  • 1219: Spawn in prairie river. Gorge and lots of steep mountains nearby. Three lava lakes (incl. one large one) near spawn point.
  • 1220: *Spawn in fjord-like, mountainous area. Just across the river behind you is huge mountain island; to the right is a rocky beach with 2 exposed iron ore. This island also has lots of exposed coal, caves, waterfalls and lava waterfalls. Follow beach to right to get to small, sandy duck-shaped island; beyond that pumpkins welcome you to the plains.
  • 1221: *Gigantic mesa biome!! Click here to see video
  • 1222: At savannah/plains boundary; short distance to pumpkins, sunflowers, and desert biome (head toward river)
  • 1223: Junction of 4 rivers in a forest. One river leads to a village (not far away); another to a mountainous area with lava lake and interesting "natural castle" formation
  • 1224: Thick oak forest w/giant mushrooms; dirty water / giant mushroom area nearby; small plains area w/lava lake also nearby
  • 1225: In middle of plains; head to nearby lake then take river to the right and keep following though dirty water & giant mushrooms to eventually village at desert's edge
  • 1226: *At plains / desert boundary with very few trees near spawn. Follow river a long ways east to find savannah. Or, from spawn head southeast a short way to get to lava lake, then head due east across desert mountains and two rivers to get to a TRIPLE village including an interesting mountainous desert village
  • 1227: *At plains / savannah boundary with lots of pumpkins scattered nearby. Cave opening very close to spawn point has 10 iron near opening and coal not too far in. Cave leads to large abandoned mineshaft; buried deep in the cave/mineshaft catacombs I found 3 diamonds (lots of lava to get around to get there). From spawn if you head due northwest to a mountain with 3 caves, climb over that mountain to get to hidden seaside village with strange "super tall" building. From spawn if you head due northeast (don't climb mountains) to river, then follow river to right you get to desert and then a second village.
  • 1228: Plains in large cluster of flowers; shallow cave nearby with 5 exposed iron ore. Lakes, spruce forest and ocean nearby. Walk through plains for a while to find pumpkins and also thick oak forest w/giant mushrooms.
  • 1229: At boundary of plains and thick oak forest w/giant mushrooms; dirty water w/mushrooms nearby.
  • 1230: In forest of mostly spruce with mountains pretty much in every direction. If you head southeast for a while you'll eventually reach dirty water w/mushrooms and pumpkins.
  • 1231: Mountainous jungle biome at ocean shore with intersecting mostly treeless mountain biome; river can be followed to a gorge with waterfalls
  • 1232: At boundary of plains and dirty water swamp; head due west to ocean where bare rock mountains are to your right; head due east to strange sand & sugar cane formation in swamp with nearby dead-end cave with 4 iron ore.
  • 1233: Small island off of plains beach. Follow beach southeast to get to dirty water giant mushroom area; go across plains either northeast or northwest to get to mountains
  • 1234: Start on desert island w/only 2 trees. Swimming east, there's a flat "seahorse" shaped island and a couple of other islands but no mainland in sight. Swimming southwest, one can hop islands and eventually reach the mainland with plains and mountains (even a lava lake).
  • 1235: *SEVEN VILLAGE + MESA Spectacular: Spawn in plains river at junction of rivers; thick oak forest w/giant mushrooms nearby. Double village is short distance due south. From the 2nd (desert) village, go west (and slightly south) a while to get to a third village at forest / savannah boundry. From back at spawn, head due east for a while, past Pac-Man pond and over savannah plateau, then go southeast to find a fourth village, cave with exposed coal, lava lake, and ocean. From back at spawn, head due northeast to pumpkin patch, then continue due northeast across dirty water swamp w/giant mushrooms, then through thick oak forest w/giant mushrooms (you can bypass this by taking river at the right and following the river by the desert), and you'll eventually get to MESA spires (including an amazing "mesa spire cave") and the ocean. Extended look: Follow mesa boundary counterclockwise to get to birch forest and tall birch mountain, then eventually THREE more villages, with the middle of the 3 having an abandoned mineshaft cut into one of the houses! Click here to see video.
  • 1236: Spawn on beach of gigantic PODZOL forest (mega taiga) biome. Other biomes such as plains, birch forest, and thick oak forest w/mushroom are available but quite a distance away.
  • 1237: At junction of 4 rivers in mountain/forest area. Visible immediately across adjacent river (looking west and up a little) is a cave with 27 coal ore by entrance. River w/sugar cane leads to ocean, rocky shore, and lava waterfall.
  • 1238: Spawn at river in mountainous area (part plains, part forest). Follow river in the direction of the waterfall to get to dirty water swamp w/ only 2 giant mushrooms. Go in direction of first giant mushroom to get to desert. Find the other giant mushroom on the far side of the swamp, then head due north across the savannah to get to a dirt-only savannah with crazy ledge mountain (on left).
  • 1239: "ULTIMATE SURVIVAL I" - spawn on "Chicken Little" shaped island with NO trees and NO animals. A few islands nearby with just a few trees. No mainland in sight.
  • 1240: Birch/oak forest with plains and mountains nearby. Lots of animals.
  • 1241: Deep in jungle with melons and lava pit nearby. Quite a ways to the east is the ocean. Quite a ways to the west is a spruce forest (taiga).
  • 1242: Boundary of jungle and dirty water swamp; large number of melons nearby. Head due north to find mushrooms-on-mountains, exposed coal ore, and birch forest.
  • 1243: Near-shore small treeless island. Birch/oak forest short distance inland; savannah flat mountain behind it, and desert behind that (and lava lake). Southeast of spawn is a different desert.
  • 1244: Near-shore small treeless island. Plains and dirty water swamp w/giant mushrooms nearby. Follow shore to the south to get to sunflower plains and desert mountain.
  • 1245: In mountains at bone-shaped junction of 4 rivers. Follow northeast river to ocean and bare-rock cliffs.
  • 1246: Plains river w/animals and spruce forest nearby. Head southeast to get to pumpkin patch and ocean.
  • 1247: Plains at edge of dirty water swamp w/giant mushrooms. Thick oak forest w/giant mushrooms nearby.
  • 1248: *At river with plains on one side and MESA biome at other. Ocean very close by (southwest); lava lake to southeast. "Death drop" cave very close to the north-northeast has LOTS of exposed gold ore plus some coal and iron ore. Follow the river east to steep mountains then desert then savannah. At the river's hairpin turn when it first meets the savannah, go due north a short distance to find a village.
  • 1249: At plains / thick oak forest boundary. Lava, spruce forest, and sunflowers nearby.
  • 1250: At plains / thick oak forest bondary at river. A short distance south is large cave opening with exposed coal ore. Follow the river in the OTHER direction for a while to get to a bunch of pumpkins.
  • 1251: Near-surface plains cave w/8 exposed iron ore. Nearby is ocean, beach lake, desert, and flat-top savannah hill.
  • 1252: Small, flat island with sheep and grass but no trees. Small island to the northwest has a few trees and a cave with exposed coal and 10 exposed iron ore near entrance. Head due south to get to rocky mountain islands then mainland; east-southeast a ways is a large "impossible" waterfall from floating rock.
  • 1253: Birch/oak forest w/many lakes & a lava lake. Dirty water swamp w/giant mushrooms nearby.
  • 1254: Beach of birch/oak forest w/dirty water swamp out in the ocean; head due west to get to bare rock mountains.
  • 1255: Desert/plains boundary with pumpkin patch nearby. Follow river east to get to mountains, large mountaintop lava lake, large waterfall, and dirty water swamp. Follow river west to savannah. Head northwest from spawn to get to beach & village.
  • 1256: Small island with ponds, 1 sheep, hill w/6 trees, and peony flowers. A few other islands are around (including one with sunflowers), but no mainland in sight.
  • 1257: At tip of narrow prairie "encroachment" into large desert and at river. Follow river toward plains prairie to get to savannah. Following the other direction will take you to a different savannah and eventually even a "savannah gorge."
  • 1258: "Tree lovers": At river in thick, hilly oak/birch forest. Head due south from spawn for a ways to find huge jungle biome on other side of tall mountain, and also two lava pits, one of which will start a forest fire. Southeast from there is a thick oak forest w/giant mushrooms (roofed forest). Trees seem endless!
  • 1259: By plains, river, and dirty water swamp w/giant mushrooms. No other biomes seem to be nearby.
  • 1260: In an oak/birch forest and near tall mountains and waterfall. Head northeast to reach large lake and ocean, or head west to reach small lava lake, then giant mushrooms in water and thick oak forest (roofed forest), plains, and small desert biome.
  • 1261: Island with trees, cows, flowers, and dud cave. Three treeless islands nearby; mainland nowhere in sight
  • 1262: In a clearing between forests; lava lake and several water lakes nearby; forest w/giant mushrooms (roofed forest) a bit farther out.
  • 1263: "Jungle madness": Deep in a jungle with no other biomes nearby except for mini ocean a short distance to the north (jungle continues on other side!)
  • 1264: Spawn on one of two tiny flat, barren islands; other islands with trees nearby. At first glance it looks like all ocean, but if you swim southeast you can find the mainland with some spruce trees near shore.
  • 1265: Island shaped like a man riding a lion. "Coal smokestack" island nearby. Nearest shore is all-rock extreme hills with lots of exposed coal. Regular extreme hills beyond that and a village just beyond that (with forests with large mushrooms [roofed forests] nearby). Following the shore in the direction of the smokestack leads to a savannah biome and a very large desert.
  • 1266: Submarine shaped island with animals and a few trees; the small cave on the island has 2 exposed coal and 1 exposed iron. A few caves nearby; the sand island's cave has 18 coal and a strange "water wall" (uncollapsed sea entry). More islands farther out but no mainland in sight.
  • 1267: Forest and U-shaped river bend. Short distance to extreme hills in one direction and giant mushroom swamp in the other. Head due south from spawn for a while to find village.
  • 1268: Spawn in shallow water of lake in large jungle with large desert and large extreme hills nearby. Savannah can be found at far end of desert
  • 1269: Island near large swampy area. Head southeast to non-swamp shore, then east from there to get to beautiful seaside village. Swamp has large number of lily pads. River-laden desert hidden across ocean due north from spawn.
  • 1270: At boundary of extreme hills and extensive spruce forest. Large jungle nearby. From spawn, head due north over the hills and across a small lake to get to a valley village.
  • 1271: Riverside cliff in spruce forest. Nearest cliffside mini cave has 20 exposed coal. Beneath this cave is a much larger cave. Surrounding the entire area are extensive extreme hills with a large number of ledges and floating ledges.
  • 1272: At boundary of large jungle and large savannah with desert nearby. From spawn, head due east to river, then follow the river until it tries to double back. At that point, don't double back but go straight over a small stretch of desert to another river; follow that river straight (and to the right slightly) to get to an extreme mountain savannah.
  • 1273: At boundary of plains and dirty water swamp with giant mushrooms. Extreme hills visible in the distance. Go due east from spawn a short ways to the LAST cave opening prior to river. Follow it through a bit to eventually find 9 exposed iron and 39 exposed coal.
  • 1274: In a thick spruce forest at a V-shaped bend in a river. Due east from spawn a ways is a large lava lake; due west from spawn a ways is a large flower patch with dirty water swamp w/giant mushrooms nearby.
  • 1275: In thick trees on side of elongated butte. Go counterclockwise around to find 40 exposed coal ore. Go just past waterfall to find 39 more coal. You can also find 9 coal clockwise from spawn but it's higher up and harder to get to. On other side of river find alcoves, more waterfalls, and extreme hills. Away from extreme hills is typical mixed forest.
  • 1276: *FIVE BEAUTIFUL EXTREME MOUNTAIN SAVANNAHS + MESA: Extreme mountain savannah right at spawn with ocean at one side and flower-loaded valley at other. Cross flower valley to find pumpkins, sunflowers, and ANOTHER extreme mountain savannah! Deserts can be found both to the west and the east of that. The eastern one has a lava lake and then a MESA right after that! Also if you head due south from the original spawn and across the standard savannah you will find another lava lake, then ultimately a third desert. Keep going due south (over a savannah butte and across part of the mesa biome) to get to a village and a third extreme mountain savannah. From there head due north to get to another village and a fourth extreme mountain savannah; you can keep heading north to get to still another village. Or, from spawn head due east to where standard savannah first starts, then head due northeast across the third desert and stretch of second ocean to get to a desert village. From there head due west to get to lava lake; go west a bit more then start following river to get to fifth extreme mountain savannah with lake underneath (cool!). There is a second desert village in this area. Due north from the second village is an oceanside savannah village. [VIEW MAP]
  • 1277: Spawn in tree in forest with large lakes and ocean nearby. Head due south for a while to find extreme hills & large alcove on left.
  • 1278: On beach in giant mushroom forest (roofed forest) area. Nearby cave has 17 exposed coal. Death drop cave on nearest island has at least 20 exposed iron near entrance (if you can safely get down). Follow shore to east OR west to get to dirty water swamp and bare rock mountains. Go due south to find more extreme hills and eventually more dirty water swamp.
  • 1279: Mostly plains, with nearby extreme hills. Ocean and some mostly bare rock islands due northeast. Ocean bay to the north. Ocean also to the northwest.
  • 1280: At boundary of plains and very thick roofed forest w/giant mushrooms. Twelve exposed iron ore in nearby pit in broad daylight. At the cave entrance with two poppies, there's 17 exposed coal in daylight. Gigantic desert to the south with savannas surrounding most of it (though no villages found so far). Dirty water swamp to the east, and another one due north if you can get through all the trees.
  • 1281: In plains by ocean and roofed forest. Extreme hills to southwest. Dirty water swamp due south with unusual swamp village with lily pads on top of wood plank walkways. To east of village are more extreme hills, lava waterfalls and lake, bare rock mountains and floating rocks. If you keep heading south a long distance, past islands and a LONG barren stretch of ocean you will get to gigantic snow plains biome.
  • 1282: In a valley of a large extreme hills area. Exposed coal available in cave opening behind the large tree. Head down the river the other direction (south) for a while and you will get to a very unusual in-river village. Keep following the same river to get to an extremely tall gorge. Keep following a long way more to eventually get to the ocean.
  • 1283: *"ULTIMATE SURVIVAL II": Isolated barren islands (with a lot of rectangular areas) and one tree. Click here to see video.
  • 1284: Shore of spruce forest peninsula; Savannah to west including pond with unstable grass in it. Follow Savannah a long way to get to small desert (no temples found).
  • 1285: Savannah with two medium sized deserts, one with a village and one with a temple.Village: due east from spawn desert village @ end of desert (by Savannah, ocean) Desert tmple: Head due northwest from spawn (largely following desert/savannnah boundary at first, then eventually right over a desert mountain) until you reach plains, then northeast a short distance to temple.
  • 1286: River lake sink, oak/birch forest. swamp with blue orchids nearby. Right River takes you to extreme hills. Left to lakes, spruce forest, extreme hills w/ gorges, eventually ocean if you take left fork when River splits
  • 1287: By plains and spruce forest and River with waterfall and extreme hills on other side . Exposed coal (mostly high). River west to large lake, alcoves, tree gorges, etc. River north to tree gorge, lots of spruce, and eventually ocean bay.
  • 1288: Meadow by thick forest and lakes; jungle visible across larger lake. Ocean bay short distance due north of spawn. Due west on other side of jungle is birch forest then ocean.
  • 1289: Birch/oak forest in all directions; at hairpin "V" River bend. Right branch leads to spruce forest, extreme hills, thick forest, MESA. Left branch to lakes, plains, snow plains. Extended MESA scan: huge. Plains, 2 Savannah, 3 deserts, ocean. A single, a double, and even a rare TRIPLE village can be found along the perimeter of the mesa!
  • 1290: Deep in birch/oak forest. Head due southeast to natural swimming pool (beautiful sand-bordered pond) and to nearby ocean.
  • 1291: Mostly plains with some surrounding trees, extreme hills in distance. Take River southeast to swamp or northeast to swamp and ocean.
  • 1292: By village at plains / swamp boundary; birch forest and large freshwater lake nearby.
  • 1293: Plains/Savannah boundary. Follow River south to waterfalls and extreme hills. Farther downriver is all birch forest and marbled gravel hills, then swamp and spruce forest. From spawn, go due south (ignore River) to get to small desert (no temple).
  • 1294: peninsula w/oak and birch trees. Head south for a while to plains and extreme hills.
  • 1295: Large spruce forest and river. Nearby cave to northwest has 47 exposed coal, then farther in just past right fork has 12 exposed iron ore. Extreme hills and thick forest to southeast
  • 1296: Birch/oak forest on shore of huge island; small swamp can be found at south end of island; birch trees at east end of island. Swim a LONG way north from spawn (past some islands) to get to small pit-studded desert + village + extreme savanna butte + waterfalls. No temple.
  • 1297: Plains with some ponds and lava pit; village in sight. Swamp (with dry spot) beyond village and desert beyond that.
  • 1298: River at plains/Savannah/desert boundary. Follow River northwest to in-River village.
  • 1299: X-shaped River intersection by oak/birch forest, extreme hills with waterfalls, and ocean. Southwest fork to waterfall, lava cave (by gravel on left), then bare rock hills with exposed coal and lava waterfall. From spawn, northwest fork to long gorge, plains, sunflowers & pumpkins, more extreme hills, another ocean.
Note: All seeds will work with version 0.9 and higher (use 'infinite' world type).

* = My favorites so far           Also try: MAX'S SEED

Where to Get MCPE News

The best place to get reliable news on upcoming Minecraft Pocket Edition releases is from their Twitter feed:

For Minecraft PE version history, check out:

Stability Notes

MIRACLE UPDATE! The new version 1.0.4 (released about 3/13/2017) promised a bunch of bug fixes. And...

It works!! After four and a half months, I can FINALLY get into my favorite Creative mode world! Ever since 0.16.0, the game would crash every time I tried to enter it, no matter how many times I tried. It looks like Majong has finally started to focus on bug fixes again rather than jamming as many features and in-app purchases as possible. That's a good sign. 1.0.4 MAY be the best Minecraft PE ever, but I'm still evaluating it, of course. Otherwise, 0.15.x versions were rock solid.

Personal Notes: It took so LONG for Mojang to fix the can't-enter-my-world bug (above) that I've become thoroughly hooked and invested in Builder Buddies. That game has a much smaller support community, so I'm spending most of my time working on new Builder Buddies web page content.

But I still play and enjoy Minecraft PE, especially with my family members (Minecraft PE is good for all ages, whereas Builder Buddies may be limited to teens and up since there's no way to police everybody in online chat). I will still make minor updates to the Minecraft PE pages here over time, as needed. For example, since February we have been testing and enjoying Minecraft Realms, and I've added some new notes about that.

"Undocumented" 0.10.x-to-0.11.x Changes

This small section is VERY outdated, but it's retained for its miscellaneous, interesting trivia.
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