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Terminology: According to GamePedia, the bottommost level (layer) is level 0. Everything else on this page will be relative to that layer.

Steve has to stand on top of a solid block, so if he's standing ON level 0, then his knees are on level 1 and head is on level 2. When mining, I personally find it easiest to refer to knee level. So if you want to mine blocks that appear at level 13, you'd want Steve's knees on level 13 (standing on top of level 12, and head at level 14, and typically mining levels 13 & 14 together).

Where is bedrock? GamePedia claims it can be found up to level 9, but I have only found it in levels 0-4, just like the PC version. Level 0 is 100% bedrock. Only the top part of the block is rendered, so if you remove it (in creative mode), you'll immediately see the void and NOT the sides of neighboring blocks. Levels 1-4 are partial bedrock. So if you dig down and start to find bedrock blocks, take note of the highest level that you see bedrock, and call that level 4, and then you'll know where to mine for items like diamond ore (levels 1-15).

Minecraft PE bedrock levels
            0-4, illustrated

Where is lava? All sources seem to agree that MOST lava lakes crest at level 10. This is exactly what I found doing a test at a typical lava lake, as shown in the picture below. Levels 11 & 12 are the most popular to mine for diamonds, so one strategy I use to look for diamonds is to find a deep cave, find a lava pool (not lava flow) in the cave, look for exposed diamond ore around it, and if there isn't any, start digging a horizontal tunnel very close to the lava through levels 11 & 12. (NOTE: On rare occasion lava lakes will spawn at other levels. If you don't find diamonds, confirm the correct depth by looking for redstone ore OR dig down to bedrock. But almost all the time the lakes are on level 10.)

Minecraft PE
            underground lava lake at level 10 (typical), illustrated

Where is sea level? GamePedia claims it is level 64, and this may be popular belief, but after a very careful experiment in which I dug a deep pit, took screenshots, then painstakingly marked the levels, I have found that sea level is at level 62, just like the PC version. This explains why, a few months prior, I attempted to count down from 64 to mine for diamonds, then ended up below lava lake level... my count was off by 2. Note that for diamond mining, it's usually easier to find bedrock and count up OR go into a cave and find lava lakes, but counting down from sea level can be useful for gold mining, closed cave hunting, or other purposes. What I recommend is starting a stairstep mine from shore somewhere (at level 63, standing on 62), then replace the first 3 steps down with granite steps so that the 3rd granite block is on level 59, which means your knees are at level 60 when you stand on it. Going down from there alternate 5 stone (natural) steps with 5 granite steps, so the bottom of each granite group of 5 is 50, 40, 30, etc. Then you can literally pick your own level for horizontal shaft mining very easily.

Minecraft PE
          levels (layers) 54 to 62

Minecraft PE
          levels (layers) 47 to 54

Minecraft PE
          levels (layers) 33 to 47

Minecraft PE
          levels (layers) 20 to 33

Minecraft PE
          levels (layers) 7 to 20

Minecraft PE
          levels (layers) 0 to 7 (bedrock area)

Click here for a levels analysis of the nether (added in 0.12.3).

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