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My son managed to generate a random world that was perfect for him: It has a village right by the spawn point with iron armor and iron pickaxes for a great, fast start. Plus there's plenty of food at the village and pre-made houses to escape hostile mobs. And in the event of death, it's a short sprint from the spawn point back to the safety of the village. The Minecraft PE seed is: 1427895482.

My son also LOVES deserts, and there's one near by. So he gets all the benefits of the resources of the village and green plain, but also easy access to the desert. Finally, he took off in the desert looking for a good cave, and he managed to find a really good one. See the pictures above and below for the route to the cave (it's about a minute's walk, but you will find it if you keep traveling straight as shown).

If you don't like all the monsters in Survival Mode you can turn them off by switching to peaceful difficulty (move the difficulty scroll bar to the left).

I like the somewhat ominous entry to the Abandoned Mineshaft. The pillars advertise, "Do you dare enter here?" Not to mention the loose gravel you have to be careful about! The mineshaft is great for my son who sometimes doesn't bother to collect the "10 wood blocks" before going in a cave so he'll have enough for torches and tools later on.

There's many strange levels to the mineshaft, including an area with floating rails! Also it connects to even deeper sections of the cave for great treasure hunting.

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