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WHY plant trees in the nether?

I don't think you want to in survival mode easy/hard, as ghasts would burn your forest very quickly. Usually you want to get in to the nether, get what you need, and get out.

On the other hand, in survival mode peaceful the nether is pretty boring... a vast wasteland with few resources. So I'm working on ideas to make the nether more exciting. One is to set a goal to seek out a nether fortress, then "dress it up" by expanding and decorating rooms so it's a more habitable castle that you actually want to be around. For dressing up, you need resources from the overworld. One way is to put a nether portal somewhere in the fortress. But it's even more convenient and fun to grow your own resources and make the nether more self-supporting. Hence trees.

Step 1: Select and Prepare Planting Area

You will need a large, open area to give the trees room to grow. You will also want to be a long way away from fire and lava, as one stray fire could burn down your entire grove. (Supposedly the blacksmith bug is fixed, which had allowed lava to trigger fires through netherrack and other solid blocks, but I still prefer to be super safe.)

I have found that the exterior corridors of a nether fortress are ideal. As shown in the photo below, they are usually in a large, cavernous area, high up and away from the lava lake. Also, they are perfectly level. This allows you to construct a large, flat dirt surface for planting. To safely build off of a fortress corridor, find an intersection or other right angle. You can easily build from there a planting area of any size you like (see photo).

Preparing a planting area in the nether for trees

Step 2: Plant Seedlings and Add Light Source

Saplings require a light level of at least 9, and with no sunlight in the nether, you will need to use a torch, glowstone, or other (non-flammable) light source, and you will need to place it as close as possible to the sapling. According to GamePedia, "Single and Giant trees will not grow when they have an adjacent block next to them above ground, including half blocks. Single trees will allow objects to be placed at their diagonals without impeding growth, Giant will not."

I have the adjacent blocks marked in red in the diagram below. According to GamePedia, I should be able to put a light source at the diagonal (blue), but this DID NOT WORK for me. Instead, I had to put the light source two blocks away, shown in yellow below:

Where to put light source in relation to a sapling

I used one torch for each tree. For elegance, each was placed on a nether brick fencepost. Once I figured out the correct position, the trees grew with no problem:

Successfully grown acacia trees in the nether

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