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The 3D Pac-Man house is really cool, but also challenging because it's a sphere that you have to try to create from discrete blocks, simulating gradual curves. In this document, I'll show you how to make it.

First, a quick view of the house. The original version was done in Creative Mode:


Here's a video tour of the outside and inside of this version of the house:

Since the original Creative Mode version of the house, I have created 3 more, all in Survival Mode. Here's the Builder Buddies version of the house (outside and inside):

Builder Buddies version of 3D Pac-Man House, Exterior Builder Buddies version of 3D Pac-Man House, Interior, Lower Floor

Builder Buddies version of 3D Pac-Man House, Interior, Upper Floor, View 1 Builder Buddies version of 3D Pac-Man House, Interior, Upper Floor, View 2

Now for a complete walk through of how I built one of the Minecraft Pocket Edition Pac-Man houses. I first built it using sandstone, due to its easy availability, then later converted to yellow stained clay. (Yellow stained clay was chosen over yellow wool because one unit of yellow dye can dye many hardened clay blocks, but only one wool block. Also yellow stained clay is in abundance if you can find a Mesa in your world.)


Here is the beginning of the construction. Notice how dirt blocks are used for both temporary scaffolding and for sandstone block anchors.


The initial goal was to create 2D "circles" in each direction. This made it easier to fill in the rest of the sphere. Note that I initially forgot the third circle... the one in the middle parallel to the ground. It was easily added later, with the exact same size of the other two circles.

To make it easier to access the house during construction, the staircase was added at this stage. A very thin design was used so as not to detract from the main model


Next, the middle circle was finally added, and the one-depth circles were expanded to three as shown below. This alone filled out most of the sphere.


The remaining holes were filled in from the inside, using dirt blocks to aid with placement. After placement of 6 sandstone blocks, only one block is left (in each corner).


The picture below shows the placement of the final block in each corner.

With the sphere complete, the next step is to cut away part of it to make Pac-Man's mouth. The picture below shows where the mouth will start.

From the designated cut point, a row of sandstone was extended all the way across the sphere. The photo below shows this as well as 3-4 blocks of the next row in the process of being extended.

With the mouth complete, work then started on the interior. All dirt was removed, and an oak floor was installed at the middle of the sphere, allowing for a two-level house. The following two screenshots show the added oak, including staircases, a decorative column, a few "filler" blocks, and a 3x3 filler at the bottom to make the lower level more flat.


Now the "fun" begins... adding furnishings. Here's the lower level (bedroom):


And here's the upper level (dining area and work room):


The door entry area is tricky because the real estate is so tight. Here are a couple of views from that area. Note the decorative column in the middle. Also note that for the stairs going down, an extra block from the upper floor had to be removed, so this is the reason for the "staircase seats" underneath the painting with the spider in the upper floor views above (good way to disguise the missing floor piece).


Completed house. The moon was setting right next to Pac-Man, looking like a power pellet. A perfect view!

These next screenshots show the conversion of the house to yellow stained clay.


Here's the interior of the house after conversion. Note also the addition of jack o'lanterns for some of the interior lighting. Also some of the paintings got changed since the walls they were on got disrupted during the conversion process.


Hope you enjoyed this page!

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