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Minecraft PE Seed 1217 View From Spawn Point

Seed summary: Vast desert with mountains and caves, plus a patch of prairie with flowers. Lava lake on other side of green mountain; savannah a bit beyond that. If you head due east from spawn, you will encounter a somewhat rare extreme mountain savannah, a chimney rock, and the ocean. Also, a modest sized MESA biome (and another ocean) is at the very far end of the desert.

Five temple + five village grand tour!

Five villages have been found in and around the desert. If the world is first generated under version 0.13.0, several desert temples are generated as well! (Also known as pyramids, they contain treasure, though you have to find a way to get to it without setting off the TNT booby trap.)

Temple #1: From the spawn point, look at the nearest sandstone mountain and go around it to the left. The temple will be visible in a lake at the left.

Temple #2: Return to the spawn point. Head due west to the river, then go west in the river and follow the river until an area on the right where the river pours down into a gulley. From the gulley, face the nearest sandstone mountain; the temple should be visible just left of it.

Village #1: From Temple #2, go toward the savannah butte and a cliffside village is there.

Village #2: Northwest of village #1, just barely visible, is another village!

Village #3: From Village #2, head due west a substantial distance. When you get to the sandstone mountain/gorge, keep bearing west as straight as you can. Shortly beyond it is a river, and there you will find an in-river village.

Temple #3: Go right (north) to the river and go left (west) and follow it. Temple is not too far downriver but (in survival mode) you may have to periodically step up out of the river to see it.

Desert Temple (Pyramid) Overlooking River

Village #4 and #5 (double village): Keep following river. Eventually there will be a sand walkway in river and a double village (one on each side of river)!

Minecraft PE Double Desert Village

Temple #4: Go through the village on the LEFT and go west to the river; cross it and stand on top of the riverbank; another temple will be just ahead.

Mesa: Go past temple (west) to another river; follow river left. Keep following river until you reach the mesa biome!

Temple #5: Keep following the same river; it will leave mesa temporarily. When there's orange sand again on left, go due EAST for a while. The temple will be on the right (as shown in picture below).

Shortcut back to Village #3: From Temple #5, go south to the desert well, then go due east until you get back to Village #3.

BONUS: Temple #6: Return to the spawn point. Go due southwest. Keep going southwest directly over first savannah butte; when you get to the second one, go around the left side to find the waterfall. Follow the river to the left until you get to a hairpin turn, then go due southwest; temple is hidden behind the sandstone mountain (and has one missing tower).

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